Notice a concern, say something.

The CCA CARE Team is a referral source for members of the CCA community to share student behaviors of concern that involve risk to self or others. The Team will assess and provide holistic support to each referral with the goal of providing resolutions that promote student wellness, safety and success.

The CARE Team achieves its mission by:

  • Building awareness about behaviors of concern and the referral process.
  • Supporting students holistically and helping them develop self-advocacy.
  • Facilitating behavioral interventions that are both culturally responsive and inclusive.
  • Being available to students and their families.
  • Providing consultation and support to CCA faculty/instructors, staff, and administration.
  • Recommending guidelines to the college community regarding behaviors of concern to self and others


The CCA CARE Team is chaired by Dr. Reyna Anaya, Senior Student Affairs Officer & Dean of Student Success. To learn more about the CARE Team, please email [email protected].