English AA

Program is designed for students wanting to complete the first 2 years of a bachelor’s degree at the community college and transfer to a university to complete a BA in English with Literature emphasis. Students gain literature and writing expertise. Careers often require a BA degree or higher. English Literature explores many different opinions, worldviews, and interesting times and places. Students will read some of the great books and poems and discuss a variety of characters, plots, themes, and styles. Studying successful writers allows students to expand their own writing abilities, recognize key issues, and improve their own writing style and voice. This program introduces students to English Literature and it includes courses that are common to all four-year institutions in Colorado. Career paths for English Literature degree holders include media, public relations, law, marketing, advertising, and teaching. The Associate of Arts (AA) degree in English Literature prepares students to complete the second half of a Bachelor of Arts in English (BA) or English at a four-year university.

Degree Requirements: 60

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