Pride Flag Burning Update

Good Morning CCA,
I am emailing to provide you with an update on the incident that occurred last Thursday, involving a video of a student burning the pride flag at CCA. To date, a thorough review of the incident and all supporting materials, and dialogue with all parties involved has been conducted and completed. While we did find fault through the conduct process, per FERPA regulations, the college can’t release specific details of the findings or determined discipline of the student.
Additionally, we have also concluded the threat assessment. It is determined that there is no active threat to self or others at this time. Regular monitoring and check in will be required and conducted for the duration of their time at CCA.
I understand that this incident was deeply troubling and members of our community were understandable scared, frustrated, angry or upset that an incident like this could happen at CCA.  For many, implications of fear, or trauma of an incident like this land differently for impacted individuals and members of our LGBTQIAS2+ community. Please know that the college will continue to work to support ALL those impacted during this difficult time.

Dr. Brownlee’s message to CCA from Friday, June 23rd (below)
Good Morning, Community College of Aurora.

On Thursday (6/22), CCA was made aware of a video that was shared online by a student burning a pride flag on CCA’s CentreTech Campus. As President I want to reaffirm our institution’s commitment to members of the LGBTQIA2s+ community. We are taking this situation seriously and are conducting a thorough review of the incident to determine whether the individual may have violated the college’s student code of conduct or any CCCS System policies while expressing themselves in this manner.

There is no place for hate at our great institution. Additional messaging is forthcoming from CCA’s Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that will share information about a processing center, which will be available for those seeking additional support.

Thank you for your patience as we conduct our review and for everything you do to make CCA great.

Dr. Mordecai Ian Brownlee