Report An Incident / Concern

The Student Advocacy Services office in the Office of Student Success is to enhance the overall educational experience for students. The CARE team assures a safe campus community, by being a central place to report behaviors of concern.


Safe2Tell is an anonymous way to report anything that threatens your safety or the safety of others. In Colorado Safe2Tell reporting parties are anonymous under the State Law. Please remember that details are critical to an effect intervention.

Please note that this is not an emergency reporting system. DIAL 911 FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS!

Report a Crime

If you have been a victim or witness to an on-campus violent or non-violent crime, such as murder, assault, rape,  sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking or theft, please report the crime.

Refer a Concern or Incident

To report CARE (Mental Health/Behavior), Student Needing Assistance, FYI or Human Resource/Personnel issues or concerns, please use the Refer a Concern or Incident link below.

Report Title IX, Discrimination
or Civil Rights

To Report a Harassment/Sexual Harassment/Sexual Misconduct, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Stalking, Discrimination, Civil Rights or Retaliation, please use the link below:

You can also call the Confidential Reporting and Support line at 303-360-4790.

Student Conduct Referral

To report a Student Code of Conduct violation, please use the link below.

Academic Integrity Report

To report Academic Integrity, please use the Academic Integrity button below. Find the Academic Integrity guidelines HERE.

Faculty, Staff & Students:

CCA students, staff, and faculty should notify the College:
• If they are being tested for a pandemic contagion or other contagious/infectious disease, and/or
• have been notified by a member of the campus community (student, staff, or faculty) that they are
being tested or are positive for a contagious or infectious disease,
• are self-quarantining at the direction of a medical professional, and/or
• because they have tested positive or have had contact with a person who has tested positive.

Student Complaints

Students filing a complaint must first seek resolution of the complaint with the Faculty, Department Coordinator, Chair or Dean of Academic Affairs or Coordinator or Director within Student Affairs or Fiscal Affairs prior to submitting the student complaint form.

Student Complaint Form

View the college Student Complaint Process for Academic Affairs

As a student, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Colorado Department of Higher Education regarding your experience at CCA. CDHE is not a regulatory agency, and has limited jurisdiction over colleges/institutions in the State of Colorado. CDHE may only consider complaints pertaining to Statewide Transfer and GT Pathways issues, and the Student Bill of Rights.  Prior to filing a complaint with CDHE, students must follow the complaint procedure at their respective college/institution. Filing a complaint with the CDHE is the last resort.

To file a complaint, please visit the Colorado Department of Higher Education Student Complaint page.