History AA

Program is designed for students wanting to complete the first 2 years of a bachelor’s degree at the community college and transfer to a university to complete a BA in History. Students analyze history from economic and political perspectives. Careers often require a bachelor’s degree. History is the study of the past in order to help us understand the present. Studying History is much more than learning about people, dates, and events – students also learn important skills that are valuable in many careers. These include strong research and writing skills, strong communication skills, and the ability to use digital collections, analyze source material, and present evidence very clearly. This program introduces students to History and it includes courses that are common to all four-year institutions in Colorado. Career Information. Career paths for History degree holders include public service, law, business, library management, business, marketing, media, and many more. History degree holders are found in many, many professions around the world. The Associate of Arts (AA) degree in History prepares students to complete the second half of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History at a four-year university.

Degree Requirements: 60

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