Diesel Power Mechanics AAS

The Diesel Power Mechanics program trains entry-level diesel technicians for any industry where the power is supplied by diesel engines. This can include over-the-road Truck & Trailer, Earth Moving/Construction Equipment, Agriculture Farm Equipment, Power Generation Equipment, Automobiles/Light Truck and Heavy Rail Locomotive. Service Technicians are equipment experts responsible for diagnosing problems, finding solutions, and performing the necessary service or repairs on diesel-powered equipment. They use cutting-edge diagnostic maintenance systems, advanced technologies, and high-tech tools to service machines and engines in a variety of diesel power industries. The Community College of Aurora gives their students a basic industry-standard education that makes transition much easier into higher learning institutions such as an OEM factory or product-specific training. The CCA Diesel Power Mechanics AAS Degree has been condensed into a very fast-paced twelve-month program. The associate’s degree program is designed for the entry-level students that have not completed the general education requirements and wish to enter and work towards the AAS degree. Proficiency in college-level mathematics, reading and sentence skills is mandatory to enter the degree program. Students are expected to pass ALL courses required for the degree (general education and core program) with a grade of C or higher. Furthermore, non-sponsored students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 and sponsored students are expected to maintain a GPA of 2.5. If a student earns a grade of D, F, or W, the student may be terminated from the Diesel program. Students interested should contact the Department chair at 303-340-7207.

Degree Requirements: 60

Phone Number: 303-360-4700

Email: [email protected]