Construction Management AAS

People standing wearing construction gear

Construction management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from inception to completion. Construction Managers work in dynamic teams to take the designer’s vision and make it a reality. With one of the highest job placement rates and starting salaries of any major, a degree in CM is a great choice for those who enjoy teamwork, solving tangible problems, critical thinking, and creating the world around them. Integrating engineering, business, and construction practices, our program offers the tools, experience, and perspective needed to make an impact in this dynamic and rewarding field.

In this Construction Management program, you’ll learn the foundational knowledge needed to oversee construction projects, as well as specific topics, like materials selection, cost estimation, construction project management skills, and understanding the business relationships between construction companies and their clients, suppliers, and vendors.

Construction management professionals combine knowledge of innovative technologies, construction practices and business management to lead a variety of construction projects, from residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges and large facilities. Construction managers orchestrate construction projects over their full life cycle, managing schedules, budgets, quality and safety.



Degree requirements: 60 Credits

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