CCA President Dr. Brownlee Makes Statement on Ongoing Global Conflicts

Over the past several days, our national news outlets have relayed news and images of devastation from the Israel-Hamas conflict that has officially been declared a war. Days earlier, nearly 120,000 ethnic Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh had been forced to flee their homes after the latest Azerbaijani military operation, according to Armenian authorities and the U.N. In another part of the world, news of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine with Russia, which began last year, continues to receive national attention. 

Other global conflicts that impact our college community that have not received as much national news attention include the civil conflict in Libya, the power struggle in Sudan, the civil war in Myanmar, the instability in Pakistan, the North Korea crisis, the instability in Venezuela, the instability in Haiti, the criminal violence in Mexico, and the Tawain conflict. However, I’d like to point out that this list is not exhaustive and is intended to display the multitude of conflicts experienced worldwide. 

Times of conflict are complex and can lead to many emotions that impact your physical and mental well-being. The Community College of Aurora is rich in diverse identities, cultures, experiences, opinions, and beliefs. We must recognize that individuals may experience these conflicts differently and struggle to understand them all. One may feel anger or pain from loss. Another may feel worried or fearful for family and friends involved in conflicts and war.  

If you need support at this moment or any moment, please make use of the following resources or services: 

  • Students seeking support can complete a mental health counseling services referral or create an online therapy account with BetterMynd by following this link: If you have questions about creating a BetterMynd account or would like assistance in doing so, please contact [email protected] or 303-360-4771. 
  • Staff and faculty may take advantage of Colorado State Employee Assistance Program or CSEAP benefits through   
  • If you are experiencing a Mental Health Crisis or are in need of referral services immediately, please call the Colorado Crisis and Support Line at 1-844-493-8255 or text: “TALK” to 38255 or Chat:   
  • Contact the Aurora Mental Health & Recovery: 303.617.2300 

Staff or Faculty concerned about a student needing support, please submit a CARE referral here:

We are all part of the CCA community. It is important that we show compassion and support for one another, and please keep the impacted families and communities in our hearts and minds.