The Fox Zone and The Hub open their doors, ready to serve students

The Fox Zone

Two new spots are open on The Community College of Aurora CentreTech campus that will give students opportunities to relax, study, connect and let loose between those tough exams. 

The Hub and The Fox Zone had their grand openings this month. Though each space offers very different services, each space will have a big impact on how students will succeed on campus. 

Thanks to a collaborative effort between the CCA’s Strategic Communications Department and the Student Government Association (SGA), leaders recognized the campus lacked a space for students to unwind when they weren’t in class. Many students spend long days at school, and it was clear people wanted somewhere they could connect with fellow students, and let loose.

SGA President Peter Park called it an essential part of a college campus. “The college experience is what you put into it, however a lot of it comes down to being able to be in a place where you belong. That’s what it’s all about,” Park said. “Also, just for shared moments. A place to build memories with each other.”

The Fox Zone can be found in the Student Center on the CentreTech campus. Located in the heart of the first floor, it offers a variety of activities, including foosball, pool, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switches.

Students can check out pool balls, cues, foosballs and games in the offices of the Division of Student Success, just across the hall, using their student ID. 

Park says he is excited for how the space will impact the future of the campus. “I want to see not just the students in there, but some of the staff and faculty just having fun. It’s really a communal place for everyone. We’ve got to make sure it’s a place where you can be accepted, and have fun.”


The Hub

While The Fox Zone gives students a place to unwind, The Hub is where students go for all their study and tutoring needs. The expansive space saw its grand opening with CCA leadership on hand, including CCA president Dr. Mordecai Brownlee, Executive Director of The Hub, Robin Schofield, students and more. 

The ribbon-cutting ceremony officially unveiled the newly renovated space, which offers a variety of resources students can utilize for their studies. They include tutoring and library services, in addition to professional development assistance for faculty and instructors. 

Students will find comfortable study nooks, tables and study rooms in an open concept and inviting space on the first floor of the Classroom building on the CentreTech campus. Additional tools include computer and printing services, as well as in-person and online tutoring. The Hub’s “Tutor-Me” service provides tutoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Along with the new physical space, other changes have also taken place online, with a newly revamped web page dedicated to helping direct students exactly where they need to go for all their study needs. 

“We’re working on the website, which was really our priority because we want any student that’s at home or fully online or even a concurrent enrollment student to have just this immediate clear access to learning support,” Schofield said. Leaders shared their excitement about the future of The Hub as a true “one-stop-shop” for student success. 

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Photos by: CCA Dept. of Strategic Communications