Momentum Continues To Build With CCA’s New Cadet Program

AURORA, Colo. – The Community College of Aurora (CCA) is well on its way to becoming the leader in school-to-work programming with a new Cadet Program that will start this fall in partnership with the Aurora Police Department. The program sets students up with comprehensive training for a job in law enforcement, debt-free as long as they complete the requirements of the program.  

Thanks to generous donations from area businesses and community members, this program is gaining steam, becoming the prime choice for people seeking a career where they can earn great pay and serve the community where they live. 

Falck, a provider of emergency and ambulance services in Aurora, recently donated $5,000 to the CCA Foundation, the college’s fundraising organization. The company maintains a close relationship with the Foundation and saw an opportunity to give. Falck Regional Managing Director, David Patterson said CCA’s dedication to getting a police program off the ground reminded him of CCA’s commitment to launching an EMS education program many years ago and compelled him to make the gift in an effort to serve the community. 

“It just made a lot of sense,” Patterson said. “I just saw the parallels with law enforcement. We don’t provide law enforcement per se, but we’re the intersection of public health, healthcare and public safety, and of course we work with law enforcement partners all the time.” 

Joining Falck, correctional and community reentry provider, the GEO Group donated $2,500. 

A substantial donation was made by a local community partner who wished to remain anonymous. This person recently pledged a gift of $25,000, adding to his total gift to the Cadet Program of $125,000. This additional $25,000 serves as a Challenge Grant, with the expectation that the CCA Foundation matches that amount in other gifts by the end of May. 

The CCA Foundation set a goal of $225,000 for this program. These gifts put the college at 60% of that amount, paving the way to achieve its goal. 

CCA President Mordecai Brownlee says these donations will make this ambitious program even more robust, setting the Aurora community up for success for years to come, saying, “The Community College of Aurora extends our heartfelt gratitude to all our generous donors for their invaluable support towards the new joint police cadet program in partnership with the Aurora Police Department. Your contributions are more than just financial. It represents a powerful investment in shaping the future of law enforcement in our community. Through your kindness and dedication, you are helping to nurture and empower the next generation of law enforcement professionals who will play a vital role in safeguarding our neighborhoods and upholding the values we cherish.”

CCA Foundation President, Phil Smith emphasized the important role the community plays in the success of these programs saying, “The CCA Foundation is astonished by the outpouring of support from our community towards our new Cadet Pilot Program. This innovative partnership with CCA and the Aurora Police Department will help young people in our community gain a debt-free associates degree and experience in serving the community of Aurora.”

In addition to working diligently to secure funding for important programs, the CCA Foundation has also recently been hard at work adding three new members to its esteemed Board of Directors, which works hard to maintain positive community relations, by utilizing the talents of members inside and outside of the CCA community.

The new members include Felicia Sena, CCA’s Assistant Registrar for Credentials and Certifications; Nathan Steele, Xcel Energy Community Service Manager, and Braden Wagner of Wagner Equipment Co. in Aurora. 

Smith welcomed the three new members saying, “Each individual plays an important role in bringing our community together to ensure CCA is the college where every student succeeds.”

The CCA Foundation is launching a brand-new, redesigned website where you can find ways to support CCA students. The site goes live the first week of April. Visit, and check back soon for the update. 

 Each gift helps ensure CCA’s commitment to empowering the Aurora and surrounding communities with affordable, top-notch education. Enroll in CCA today by clicking HERE.

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