CCA’s LinkedIn® Learning Partnership Gives Students and Staff Another Tool in Their Professional Development

Aurora, Colo. – The Community College of Aurora (CCA) is excited to announce a partnership with LinkedIn® as an officially designated LinkedIn Learning® Site. This collaboration gives CCA students, faculty and staff the opportunity to develop and refine and grow their professional skills, making them more impactful leaders on and off campus. 

LinkedIn® Learning is an online learning platform that focuses on four categories including Business, Creative, Technology and Certifications. Through expert-led video courses, attendees grow their skills in courses that are related to their field of studies. Upon completing the courses, these skills can be added to their LinkedIn® profiles. 

CCA President, Dr. Mordecai Brownlee praised the program as yet another tool students can leverage for their future, in the pursuit of an education that enhances their social and economic mobility. “LinkedIn Learning® will provide the Community College of Aurora with a deeper array of supplementary academic resources supporting instructional learning any time and any day suitable for students. Furthermore, CCA will leverage these resources to offer comprehensive career services to students, helping them transition into the workforce successfully,” Dr. Brownlee said. 

The partnership was spearheaded by several CCA departments in conjunction with LinkedIn® including IT, Human Resources, Student Success and Student Government. Leaders said they shared a common goal as they worked toward achieving the designation: That the workforce landscape is changing, and today more than ever it’s important to have a professional resume that employers can reference through a professional social media platform.

Leaders say the driving force behind the project is that the workforce has changed in Colorado, which calls for creativity finding ways to allow students to put their best foot forward when applying to positions. LinkedIn Learning® allows for students to gain credentials to help them stand out in an application pool. 

“I am excited to be at an institution where our leadership values the importance of developing our students to be the next trailblazers in our community! LinkedIn Learning® is just the start in supporting our workforce in Colorado,” said Sydney Pedgregon, Student Leadership & Development/Division of Student Success. 

Senior IT Officer Robet Vasquez summed up the strategy by saying, “Great things can happen when we work together.”

CCA employees will also have access to the programs, which will give them a boost in their careers. Director of Human Resources and Personnel Success, Erica Hines said, “As a LinkedIn Learning® Institution, our CCA team can now build out learning plans for themselves, earn learning certificates to share on their LinkedIn® profiles, and even build LinkedIn Learning® training into their annual goals. We know that Professional Development has been a topic of interest for incoming employees as well as expressed in our 2022 employee climate survey and so we are truly excited to offer this opportunity for our team to build out a learning plan that meets each individual where they are.”

The program includes thousands of training videos available to students and employees on a wide variety of topics. The newest courses cover the most sought after skills employers look for including communication, leadership, project management and more. CCA is only the second campus in the Colorado Community College System to make this tool available to its students, faculty and staff. Staff and students will have access to the program on the brand new portal being launched this summer. Learn more about the program on the LinkedIn Learning® website. 

About the Community College of Aurora:

The Community College of Aurora (CCA) provides high-quality instruction and student support services to Aurora and Denver, Colorado. With a vision to aspire to be a college where every student succeeds, CCA is the most diverse college in the State of Colorado. Focused on creating social and economic mobility for its students, the college offers courses on two (2) campuses, online, and through its high school concurrent-enrollment programs. For more information, visit


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