CCA’s Colorado Film School Teaches Local Students the Art of Filmmaking

Children and teenagers who come from a variety of backgrounds are using their creativity this summer to make short films while learning from cinematography professionals, at the Community College of Aurora’s – Colorado Film School.

A class of 30 students ranging in age from 11 to 14, work together to create motion pictures during the film school’s annual Camp for Kids from the Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA) program. The program, now in its 14th year, gives students access to professional recording and editing equipment.

“Many of the students come from low-income backgrounds, some are refugees who have resettled in the Aurora community,” said Chelsea Jones, Communications and Outreach Manager at DAVA.

“This program helps to develop kids into leaders at their own school. They develop a tremendous amount of confidence,” said Geoffery Chadwick, an Assistant Professor at CCA’s Colorado Film School. “We get kids from all over the world who come to our film school. At one point, we had kids from five different continents at once.”

During the 12-day program, students learn to work together to put a film together. That includes pitching the idea, writing scripts, acting, and learning post-production activities such as film and sound editing. During film camp, students will have access to cameras, mix media labs, drones, and have film instructors guiding them on how to use the technology to put their projects together.

The class will showcase its work on Sept. 16 at the Aurora Fox Arts Center by holding screenings of their films.

While the Camp for Kids gives students an introduction to the film industry and a path to pursue a career, the benefits of the program extend beyond filmmaking.

“This camp gives them an introduction to managing complex projects at a young age,” said Brian Steward, Director at the Colorado Film School. “If you can teach someone to complete a film, you can teach them to do anything.”

As much as the summer camp gives students an opportunity to build leadership and teambuilding skills, facilitators of the program say it’s just as enriching for them to work with kids and teenagers who may not have access and support to the filmmaking process.

“What a highlight of the summer it is to have these two and a half weeks with these kids. It’s deeply meaningful for us,” Steward added.

DAVA runs summer classes from June 6th to July 29th and offers free year-round programming for kids from preschool to high school. Visit to learn more about their programs.

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CCA’s Colorado Film School is ranked as one of the top 30 film schools in North America by Variety. Students who complete the program have a professional-level portfolio and are qualified to work anywhere in the field of their chosen emphasis. To learn more about CCA’s Colorado Film School, visit