Teenage Alumna Thrive at CCA

Teenage Alumna Thrive at CCA

Teenage Alumni Thrive at CCA

Emily Knapp, Angela Fraser, and Victoria Lujan recently graduated with their associate degrees this past Spring. The Community College of Aurora’s (CCA) Concurrent Enrollment program afforded each of them the ability to complete college level courses while simultaneously completing high school. 

“What inspired me to start smart and start strong at CCA was my high school’s participation in the concurrent enrollment program,” said Lujan, who is set to begin her studies at the University of Colorado Denver on a pre-med track this fall with aspirations of becoming a surgeon one day.

Obtaining an associate degree at the young age of 16 is an accomplishment the trio said would not have been possible without keeping the end in mind. “I completed all of my core classes and general education courses,” Knapp said. “I was able to get a ton of schooling done before I even turned eighteen.”



With the cost of higher education steadily increasing, these students were able to get ahead of the curve and save money as they work towards entering into the workforce and earning a credential.

“I want to go to law school,” said Fraser, who saved money and years of schooling because her high school was able to pay for her concurrent enrollment classes. Her accomplishment gives her the ability to enter her career at a much faster rate than some of her peers. “It’s going to be really fun to be able to start helping people in my field.”

“I recommend that everyone my age take advantage of concurrent enrollment. Go after that associate or certification while in high school,” said Lujan. “It saved me so much time and money to jump start my future .”

Prospective students can begin the enrollment process today at the Community College of Aurora