Summer 2024 Important Deadlines
Classes Begin Last Day to Add Last Day to Drop* Last Day to Withdraw** Classes End
Full Semester (Not Online) May 28 June 3 June 6 July 23 August 5
Online Full Semester May 28 May 30 June 6 July 23 August 4
Online Full Semester Late Start June 3 June 4 June 13 July 29 August 10

Courses are offered with different start and end dates throughout the semester. Use CCA Navigate to browse all available sections. Once you have registered for courses, CCA recommends that you print a copy of the Detailed Student Schedule available from the Student Tab of MyCCA to have a record of all of your course details including start and end dates as well as deadlines to drop and withdraw. Follow these links to find the summer and fall 2024 information guides.

All Day

Learning for Students

Teach Students that using for Students will develop the knowledge and tools to be self-sufficient in keeping track of their Financial Aid History

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Celebrating HSI Photo Booth

Centre Tech Campus, Fountain

Students, Staff, and Faculty are welcome to take a photo booth with Foxy responding to: What does "Servingness" mean to you here at CCA. Pan Dulce (Sweet Bread) and Drinks […]