CFS Transition

Exciting things continue to happen at the Community College of Aurora. We’re transitioning what was formerly known as the Colorado Film School (CFS) to the Cinematic Arts Department. This shift brings the college into full alignment with our Higher Learning Commission accreditation responsibilities and allows us to more equitably deliver Title IV funds (financial aid) to the entirety of our student body.

This aligns with the Community College of Aurora’s organization and operational structure to ensure the highest quality, transparency, and accountability. This update embraces unique degrees and certificates that have historically been housed within our film programming and adds in coursework in alignment with current business and industry needs.

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Watch excerpts from Dr. Brownlee’s town hall

How did we get here?

A timeline of the transition of CFS as a department of Red Rocks Community College to CCA and the shift from North Central Association (NCA) as CCA’s accrediting body to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). In order to comply with HCL accreditation criteria, the Colorado Film School name came under scrutiny.

Why did we make this change?

Dr. Brownlee defines the urgent timeline of the HLC accreditation process and subsequent audit and how Colorado Film School stood out in the early phases of his presidency.  In addition, he shares the HLC Criterion 2: Integrity:  Ethical and Responsible Conduct.

Why can’t we use the word “school” to describe the film program?

A summary of the Carnegie classification and how it defines naming programs in a community college.

Is CCA trying to close down the program?

Dr. Brownlee begins with an apology and assurance that there is no hidden agenda and details consequences for our college.  He ends with a commitment to further conversation and transparency.  

Can CFS become its own school?

An explanation of a scenario with no precedent or history.

Was the Colorado Film School a regionally accredited institution when it was created?

An explanation of the history of the brand and plans to work with a brand agency to guide direction that aligns with our accreditation requirements. 

What are your intentions for the flow of information for the future?

Dr. Brownlee addresses his initial email announcement to our community and the responsibility of our institution to provide full transparency.

Further clarification on the representation of the name Colorado Film School and perceptions to our students and community.

Dr. Brownlee shares why the Community College of Aurora must discontinue the use of the name Colorado Film School, in accordance with Higher Learning Commission Criteria.