Criminal Justice AAS

The AAS/CRJ degree program prepares the student for a career in Law Enforcement, Corrections, Homeland Security, and for some private security career paths. Depending on the student’s background and related work experience, this degree will require the student to be able to qualify for admission to the CCA CO P.O.S.T.-approved Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy, and meet CO P.O.S.T. and statuatory law enforcement-specific background, legal, and fitness qualifications, to complete some of the specific degree core requirements. The program places a strong emphasis on reading, writing, and verbal comprehension skills; moral and ethical judgement; and empathetic awareness and demonstration of cultural diversity. Students are advised to consult with the academy and program Director/Chair before enrolling in the degree if they are not sure they meet the law enforcement training academy qualifications.

Degree Requirements: 61

Phone Number: 303-360-4700

Email: [email protected]