CCA Cultural Center

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The Cultural Center

The Cultural Center at the Community College of Aurora is a space of gathering, community, and celebration of identity and heritage. Read on to learn more about the Cultural Center and the staff.

Our Purpose

The overall purpose of the CCA Cultural Center will 1) create safe, validating, gathering space for students of diverse identities, 2) build community among students, faculty and staff, 3) provide translation services, and 4) deliver programs and services designed to increase student engagement and support academic achievement. Through a strong focus on fostering diversity, equity and inclusion, the Cultural Center will provide educational opportunities, community forums, training and development, advocacy, and supportive services for students and the CCA Community.

Connect with Us!

We are working on a new cultural center space, and we’re looking forward to the opening of our community space next year.

In the meantime, we can be found in the Student Centre, Suite 205.